Financial Freedom,
is now just
a step away!

Finolet is leveraging its proprietary cutting-edge technology,intuitive algorithms and sophisticated risk-decisioning workflows to partner with leading banks,other lenders and financial institutions towards making financial products available on every street & corner. Powered by our innovative tech platform, every credit worthy Indian now has easy access to the power of financial freedom. Financial empowerment is now at a store near you!
Digitally Assisted
Minimum Documentation
Quick Approval
Best Suited Lender
Making the credit invisible,
Finolet is democratising access to credit & capital by bringing the underserved and unserved into the financial mainstream
A simple point of access
empowers millions.
We’re expanding financial access to reach practically every one of India’s unserved & underserved customers, through neighbourhood stores & retail points.
Find out how
Every shop or person
is now a loan enabler!
With its powerful technology and intuitive platform, Finolet enables the smallest of retail outlets to facilitate access to loans and other financial products along with rice & shampoo! There is probably a Finolet retail outlet right on your street.
Become a Finolet partner today
Transform your outlet into a credit hub.
Thousands of retail outlets and shops across India are a part of the rapidly growing Finolet network. Enjoy higher walk-ins and revenues, by helping your regular customers avail financial products such as personal loans, business loans, housing loans, gold loans, credit cards and much more...
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